Bow and Arrow


By: Sabri Hammadi

To make a bow and arrow you will need a para-cord, 5 feet of duck-tape, and 3/4 40 PVC pipe. Three pieces of fiber glass, rat tail file, tape measure, sharpie, and a hacksaw. You mark an inch off the PVC pipe cut with the PVC pipe with a rat tail file 3/4 of a inch. Then you cut one of the fiberglass’s in half with a hacksaw, then you place them together 16 3/4 inches. After that you take the half in the fiber glass on either side duct tape where the fiber glass intersect, and you put the fiberglass into the PVC pipe.You take the para-cord into a loop tie and then you you bend the PVC pipe around your leg to the other side of the para-cord then extend the the other side of the pipe.

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It relates to engineering because you will need engineering tools and knowledge to make it.

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