How to speed up your computer


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Have you noticed that your computer could benefit from a speed boost? Say no more! This article shows how you can speed up your computer by installing an SSD (Solid State Drive) in your computer. The SSD replaces your existing HDD (hard disk drive). Since the SSD has no moving parts, read speeds will be significantly faster. This means that boot up times will be faster, and programs will open faster.

You can find usable SSD for as low as 50 dollars for a 128GB model.

Some good SSD brands are Kingston, Crucial, and Samsung.

In my opinion this article relates to engineering because it involves screws and taking apart electronics.

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You can install an SSD into most computers, just search up how to do it for your particular system.
It relates to engineering because computers have a lot of different pieces in them. It shows that you can easily modify your computer to make it better.

  1. Clone the existing HDD to the new SSD to retrieve all data, cloning software should be included with the SSD
  2. Open the computer and locate the existing hard drive bay
  3. Take out the necessary screws to remove the existing drive
  4. Install the new drive and reinstall the screws
  5. Put the computer back together how you took it apart
  6. Boom, your computer is now super fast

In conclusion, you might think you need a new computer, but not so fast. Why not just speed it up with an SSD