Interesting Habits About “Giant Pandas”

The cutest animal in the world.

By: Anthony Rodriguez, Journalists

Panda Bear - Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting Facts

What animal is black and white and loved all over the world? If you guessed the giant panda, you’re right! The giant panda is also known as the panda bear, bamboo bear, or in Chinese as Daxiongmao, the “large bear cat.” Actually, its scientific name means “black and white cat-footed animal” Giant pandas are mostly found in the mountains of southwest China. They live in dense bamboo and coniferous forests at altitudes of 5,000 to 10,000 feet. The mountains are covered in heavy clouds with torrential rains or dense mist throughout the year. Giant pandas are bear-like in shape with striking black and white markings.

Panda Habitat:

Before starting with the characteristics of the panda bear’s habitat, it is necessary to locate ourselves geographically, here is its distribution: Thanks to the discovery of fossil records, it was shown that the distribution of the panda bear reached Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, China and Beijing. However, today their populations are found on the mountain ranges that are in southwestern China.

 It is already known that the type of habitat of the panda bear is terrestrial, but among all possible terrestrial habitats, the panda inhabits temperate forests in the high mountains in the middle of China.

As for the temperature of the panda bear’s habitat, it is temperate of the humid subtropical type. This temperature is essential for the existence of the panda bear, firstly because it allows the development of more than 30 species of bamboo, which is its main food, and secondly, because it has allowed the panda bear not to hibernate, unlike the other bears that hibernate.


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Giant Panda Body and Bones.

They are about 150 cm long, plus about 10-15 cm of tail. An adult panda can weigh up to 150kg, with males being 10% larger and 20% heavier than females. They have white fur with black parts around the eyes, on the ears, muzzle, shoulders, and limbs.

                                     Body Structure - The Giant Panda

A curious fact is that panda bears have six fingers on both one of their front legs. Actually, five and a fake thumb. This “sixth finger” is vitally important to them: it allows them to grasp the bamboo stalks that make up the bulk of their diet.

                                                             Sorprendente descubrimiento sobre los osos panda -

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