Worlds Fastest Boats

By: Seth Heironimus, Journalist

People always talk about fast cars but no one talks about fast boats, so here are the 3 fastest boats in the world.

The Spirit of Australia

The spirit of Australia is the fastest boat ever created reaching a crazy top speed of 317.6 MPH. Just to put that into perspective the average top speed of Nasar and Formula 1 cars is only around 200 MPH. Its crazy to think a man-made vehicle can move that fast. The boat was designed created by Ken Warby in 1972 and his record was set in 1978.

Merchandise - Spirit2

Bluebird K7

The Bluebird K7 is the 2nd fastest boat ever created reaching a top speed of 276 MPH. It was the first boat to reach a speed of over 200 MPH and was considered one of the pioneers of speedboats.  The boat was created by Ken and Lew Norris in 1955.

Bluebird K7 Boat - Gina Campbell

Problem Child

The problem child is the 3rd fastest boat created with its top speed at 262 MPH. Problem Child at 8,000 horse power it can reach its top speed in only 3.5 seconds. It was created by Eddie Knox and Larry Bless in 2013.

Problem Child" Top Fuel Dragster Boat Is 262 MPH Insanity - autoevolution


Its crazy to think that its possible for any boat to possibly go this fast but people can always have crazy ideas, and this is what they do!


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