Levitating Vehicles


With Technology advancing each and every single day, we have come closer to solving the impossible. Even if it might seem that the progress has stopped and Apple will only work on new I-phones, we are still advancing as a species. The thought of flying cars has not gone away; it’s a plan now.

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The article (found in http://www.automoblog.net/2012/10/06/maglev-cars/) suggests that it is possible. He states that the technology might be simpler than we thought it to be. With a magnetic force in design, major car industries have been looking at it for a while, even to this day.


We should be seeing more news in relation to this in this decade. This will be made by technical engineers that fabric the cars outer structure and inner structure, perhaps improving the car to enable auto-drive. This will help people find more parking lots in Target and even wipe out traffic!

This will surely help humanity; no more waiting for a plane ticket?