The High Hopes for VR Tech


The VR sure has gained a ton of attention over the decades and even so, we should be expecting more advancements coming from VR Technology

What exactly does VR Tech offer as of currently?

Well, so far, it has helped the gaming industry by a leap. The Technology has also found its way through neurology and even our military. Using it to train soldiers in case of real life threats.

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In the future, according to, we shall be seeing more expectations on being industrialized in gaming.

Futhermore, we hope to see how we can use it to upload our censesus into the machine, theortically allowing immortality.

Not only that but, perhaps wiping out the concept of TV’s.

This will be a big step for engineering too. Imagine how much this can change. Technical engineers can find a way to visualize be inventions and carry out more ideas. Setting and planning how any structure would look, any machine or technology!

I can assure you, gaming will happen in our lifetime