How Reverse Osmosis Works


Source: Purifier Advisors

Most humans wouldn’t be able to survive without purified drinking water, but where do we get this water from? The most recent process of purifying water is reverse osmosis and it is extremely effective, but how does it work? Regular osmosis is when a fluid passes through a semipermeable(only lets certain substances through) membrane. Reverse osmosis is when water is pushed through a semipermeable filter at high pressure to separate the contaminates in the water from the water itself. This process removes most impurities from the water, leaving clean water that is safe to drink.

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Other methods of purifying water are not as efficient or thorough. Reverse osmosis does a better job at removing harmful contaminates than other filters, therefore the water produced is safer to drink. Poorly filtered water can leave the consumer with a multitude of health problems, but reverse osmosis eliminates most of these problems, leaving a happy consumer with clean drinking water.