How to make cool 3D fidget spinner


By: Hamingjun Su

Nothing can make you feel better than making your own fidget spinner. What!? You don’t know how to do that? No worry, because there comes a step by step guide. P.S. the original idea and the original information didn’t come from me.

There are a few tool that is needed for this: Computer, OpenSCAD for if you want to change the design, Slicer Software and a 3D Printer.

The bearing of the this fidget spinner are very grease, especially the new ones which work surprisingly well with something that this heavy, but the problem is that the bearing can’t really work with light things like fidget spinner, the the author explained that the best solution to dissolve the grease is with WD-40.

Next, you need to print the file. Choose which one you want to make depending on how many bearing you want to use.

Here this how you choose your files visit this website:

Once the website loads, scroll down. Files should be attached and you should be eligible to download the files.