Cloning: Use it or Forget it?


By: j12 c3110

Cloning has been used since the late 90’s however, as we have moved to the 20 century, cloning has been seen as a sci-fiction movie. Not many know of this science, and surely little know about its usage now a days.

Ever since Dolly the sheep, people’s ideology of life has.. changed in a way that denies one organism to have a soul.

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Since then, this science has been ignored.

According to the journal of Nature Communications, the people who invested in this changed their minds as they imagined this science used to harvest and slaughter the animals for over benefit of meat.

That violated the animal’s rights for life, and our very own concept of life.


As for Engineering, bioengineering would’ve allowed us to enable a new way of population. It would allow us to engineer the life of one (physically) and experiment new treatments or establish new ways of harvesting extinct species.


Most would not agree, who knows what will happen. Estimations mostly indicate this being an unlikeliness of it being used.