Portable Fan


Have you ever been exhausted? Me to. There have been some ideas for a portable fan, but have you tried one yourself. If not then try out it because it’s fun to make your own fan that is cheap but effective.

Materials Required:

  1. Fan Blade. Taken from an old CPU fan. You can also find a fan blade for hobbyist.
  2. 3-6 V DC Motor (4800 rpm).
  3. USB Cable.
  4. 3/4″ End Cap.
  5. 2 3/4″ PVC Connector.
  6. Leather Strip or Foam sheet.
  7. Wooden Stick.
  8. Nut & Bolt

Tools Required:

  1. Drill Machine.
  2. Hot Glue Gun.
  3. Screw Driver.
  4. Soldering Iron Kit.
  5. Flex Kwik. (Solvent Cement)
  6. Hack Saw Blade.