How Electric Cars Work, and Are they Good or Bad

What Are the Ups and Downs to Electric Cars

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By: Nixon Ortega, How electric cars work and why their good or bad.

Electric cars are the cleanest and fastest source of transportation for any human; they have their advantages and  their downsides. In order to know them all, stay tuned and read the article.

Tesla destroys German critic's electric car prejudice after Model 3 test drive

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Some advantages of having an electric car is they do not need oil also known as (Gasoline, Gas ) in order to move, and that’s very good for the environment. Another advantage of having an electric car is having a reliable motor that won’t need maintenance every year or month like a Motor of a Gasoline powered vehicle would. If you like your car to be quiet at all times, an electric car is for you, since electric cars tend to be more quiet than gas powered vehicles. More advantages…..

  • No fuel required so you save money on gas. Paying $0.10 per kW is the equivalent of driving on gasoline that costs less than $1 per gallon.
  • Environmental friendly as they do not emit harmful  pollutants.
  • Lower maintenance due to an efficient electric motor(Maintenance Money saved)
  • Better Performance.

Electric cars also have there downsides…

  • The batteries of an electric car need rare materials like lithium that can mostly be found in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia this creates a lot of struggles. Many People have said that we wont be able to produce large numbers of electric vehicles in Europe simply because we don’t have access to sources of  lithium to make the batteries .
  • Making electric cars creates more emissions.(The materials of he vehicle  have to be mined and that process creates a lot of greenhouse gases. after that the materials have to be refined before they can be used in the vehicle which ends up creating even more greenhouse gases
  • There aren’t enough charging points out their in the public.(This can be a an inconvenience if you really need to charge it and your not close to your house)
  •  Charging takes a lot of time from 30 minutes to half a day depending on the battery type and the charging points How an electric car works…
There are two types of altering current motors in the car manufacturing company: synchronous and nonsynchronous motors. When it meets expectations an electrical  vehicle, synchronous and nonsynchronous motors each have their own powers  one is not certainly “better” than the other so far.
Electrical cars perform by plugging  a charge point and catching electricity from the grid. They store the electricity in rechargeable batteries that power the  electrical  engine, which ends up turning the wheels. Electric cars accelerate faster than fuel vehicles so they feel easier to drive.
When was the first electric car made?
The first Electric car was made around 1832 by Robert Anderson, but electric cars didn’t succeed in the 20th century due to the early electric infrastructure or lack of thereof,
What is the range of an average Electric car?
Most of contemporary‘s energetic vehicles  have a forceful rangepercharge from  50 to 330 miles
What is the average price?
The average price for a, electrical vehicle is 56,437 dollars
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