Transforming Cars!?!?!

By: Om Seth

According to, a man named Kunio Okawara, is a famous artist behind a robot anime named Gundam. He was inspired by this anime that he was able to make “Earth 1”. “Earth 1” is a car that folds itself into smaller pieces while going to park. It is not road legal right now but they are hoping to put on the roads by March 2018. The car is also being made by 4 link systems. The company as already got 30 pre-orders. The car will cost around 52,000 yen A.K.A 470 dollars.

I think this is a great idea but it will also be hard since its only a 2 seater. I also think it will be way cheaper than cars, and it will fix lots of major problems with parking, It relates with electrical engineering,mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering.



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