Update On SixthSense Technology


From those who have seen Pranav Mistry in his TED Talk about Sixth Sense Technology, you may wonder what happened to him. Ever since the release the idea of his product in 1998,  and his video on it in 2009, he has seen major numbers in favor of its creation. Yet, after the video, it went blank. Some might have heard that he changed his job to Samsung and created his wireless mouse invention, others.. well, nothing..


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As of now, Mistry is now the official owner of the product. Microsoft and Google, however, are now starting to adapt SixthSense to their products; competing..


Microsoft then is now coming up with new ideas and we’ll likely to see their products with one concept of SixthSense. Only time will tell..


Technical engineering will allow this technology on being used in daily life; possibly getting rid of phones (in the future). This will also help technology interact with us in a more digital way, evolving the era of technology.