Int-Ball – The Floating Camera


This drone created by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Industry) is a Floating Camera. This camera called the Int-Ball, is a spherical camera that can float around. JAXA plans to send this miraculous robot up to the International Space Station (ISS). The Int-Bot can be controlled by people back on Earth, where they can monitor whats happening. Another option is for the Int-Ball to be controlled autonomously (to be programmed).

The Int-Ball is 15cm in diameter. It has 12 fans in it so that it can float and stay stable inside the ISS. The camera is in between the two eyes. This is useful, since the astronauts can tell where the Int-Bot is looking. The images that the camera will transfer can be evaluated by the JAXA staff. The Int-Bot will allow astronauts to do more experiments and have a steady connection with the Earth.

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Here’s a video of the Int-Ball inside the ISS: