LEGO is one of the best toys in the world

LEGO is one of the best toys in the world

By: Hamza Elghoul, Journalist

Lego is the best toy in the world

For example, it is an educational toy which sadly we do not have a lot of. To emphasize, it boosts your creativity by letting you build whatever comes to your mind. It also teaches you to never give up and learn from your mistakes. If you build a really tall Lego tower, and it comes crashing down you have to learn what you did wrong so that you can rebuild it.  Another reason Lego is educational is it also helps with problem-solving skills which is something that is not taught in school. Lego helps with problem skills because when a problem arises when you are building a structure you need to try and solve that problem or else you will not be able to keep building.  

Another example is that Lego also improves mental health.  To emphasize, it lets young  (or old) builders feel a sense of accomplishment after building a Lego model, whether it is through instructions or from their minds.  Feeling accomplished helps with mental health because you will feel proud that you built a large, complicated, challenging build such as the Bugatti Chiron by yourself and you will be more confident and be more excited to try something else. 

Lastly, there is a large variety of Lego sets that you could buy and there is at least one Lego set for everyone. To emphasize, there are many, many themes that you could choose from such as Ninjago, Hidden Side, Technic, and Mindstorm. If you do not like those, Lego also makes Lego sets based on movies and TV shows such as Marvel, Spiderman, Star Wars, Disney, and more. There are also lots of different kinds of Lego sets such as vehicles, canvases, busts, and much more. Lego also tries to know what fans want by letting them have the chance to create their own Lego sets through Lego Ideas. This is the reason why Lego is one of the best toys in the world.