Why Does a Ferrari Go So Fast?

Why Does a Ferrari Go So Fast?

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There are many components of the car that make it go fast. Yet, the engine is one of the main components in the Ferrari. The car puts a highly tuned engine with a very light weight body. It has high performance transmission and low- gearing in the rear end.

The photo up above is a V12 engine which makes the Ferrari go really fast. This is a simple description of the car.

Specific power 3.5: 79 PS (58.1 kW; 77.9 bhp) per litre 6.2: 94.4 PS (69.4 kW; 93.1 bhp) per litre 6.5: 98.6 PS (72.5 kW; 97.3 bhp) per litre
Torque output 6.2: 650 N·m (479 lbf·ft) @ 5,500 rpm 6.5: 660 N·m (487 lbf·ft) @ 5,200 rpm
Dry weight 253 kg (6.5 litres)


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This Ferrari is aerodynamic because the shape in the front is curved down. This mean there is a lot of air passing throughout the car which also causes it to increase speed.


Overall, there are many parts in this Ferrari that make it go the speed it goes.