Best Night Vision Camera On A Budget


Source: U.S. Army

“131204-A-MH207-995” by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ever want to record a video at night? I might have the perfect fit for you! The Sionyx Aurora Pro is a night vision camera with color. The Sionyx Aurora Pro is one of the latest versions of their night vision cameras. Featuring new sensor technology and enhanced optics. Giving the person amazing footage and capabilities. The Sionyx Aurora Pro works best in the darkest conditions. The Sionyx Aurora Pro is one of the top choices for law enforcement, where they use it for surveillance and evidence gathering, but you can use it for filming in the dark. You will find The Sionyx Aurora Pro in the box along with a hard-shell waterproof case, 2 camera batteries, USB charge/data cable, and a 32 GB microSD card.

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