Pilot Auto-Translating Earpiece


By: Aafreen Ali

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Source- Daily Mail

This cool new earpiece automatically translates foreign languages into one you can understand. The earpiece uses an app, which does all the actual translating, so when you pair the device with your phone via bluetooth, you can use it to translate any language the app can take. Just put in the earpiece and listen as the earpiece translates the language of the speaker into the language you know in real time. Only one earpiece is necessary for listening to translations, but it comes with two because they double as wireless earbuds. This gadget comes with English and some European languages already on the system, but other languages can be added via downloadable language packs.

This relates to engineering because it solves a problem in the world with an ingenious technological solution. This device helps us to bridge the language gap that strands us in certain countries. But now with this device, language is no problem.

Source- Cool Things