How to Make Your Own Underwater Camera

Arent underwater cameras so cool? There are a lot of complicated materials you need to get to make this wonderful creation. The materials you will need to make this underwater camera are:

  • 8 3D printed grip handles (4 on either side all around the cylindrical housing)
  • 1 Camera holder (bellow)
  • 2 High-pressure pipe plugs
  • 5″*12″ long 1/8″ thick acrylic pipe
  • 4ft surf leash
  • 3 white LEDs (10mm)
  • 1 1/8th audio jack & photodiode trigger.

The steps to make this underwater camera are:

  1. the concept
  2. the parts
  3. the flaws
  4. the results
  5. further improvement

The writer used DSLR: a Canon T5i camera.

For further instructions on how to make this underwater 3D printer click on the following link:

This article outlines the process for developing and making an underwater camera housing for your camera using a 3d priner.  It follows the standard Engineering Process which is outlined in the following diagram: