Should We Let Robot Take Over Our Jobs?


Robots are very high-tech and impressive machinery. But in about 20 more years, will they be TOO impressive? Year by year, technology have been growing, and most house we rely on technology to entertain and/or help us on certain things. Most of us would have a TV or a Device (Phone, Console, Laptop, etc.) which are commons types of entertainment. We all have a Fridge, Microwave, or Electrical stove. We need these things to cook or cool food. We might have other things like blenders. All of these things we live with. But these things are upgrading every single days. We had flip phones, now we have IPhones. We had printers, now we have 3D Printers. We had game-boys, now we have wireless controllers for the PS4. People are starting to build human robots, and many of them were successful. In a few more years, more will be built. And with their Ultra-High intelligence, they might work your everyday jobs. In fact, People might think robot are more reliable than humans. So, Should we let robots take over our jobs?