Is Apple Getting Over-Ear Headphones ???


Image Source: @2018Curved/Labs

By: James Flores, Journalist

OVERVIEW: So there have rumor’s that Apple is Dropping overhear headphones. Apple has not really talked about it but their have been a lot of leaks of how the headphones are going to look. Since Apple owns the company beats which we all know there Over-Ear headphones are most likely going to look like beats.

HOW THEY ARE GOING TO LOOK: From the leaks that there have been these headphones look amazing. On some of the pictures that people have leaked we can see that that Over-Ear headphones can be charged by placing a charger on the wall and hooking the headphones on top of the charger which means they would be charged wireless which is really cool.

PRICE: There have not been much leaks about how much the price is going to be but they say we can be expecting it to be from $300 to $350 which is almost the same price as buying your self a new pair of beats.

WHEN ARE THEY COMING OUT: So from the leaks that we have got they are saying that they were going to come out during the event that Apple made when they dropped the new iPad Air and the 2 new Apple watches. After the event people where surprised that they did not drop the headphones which now they are saying that they are coming out in the fall which most likely its coming in October during another event.