The Electric School bus!!

1990s school bus (Thomas Built Buses MVP ER) p...
1990s school bus (Thomas Built Buses MVP ER) photographed in Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thomas Built Buses, the company that makes the school buses on the roads. They have made the first electric school bus. This bus runs on electricity, obviously. The battery pack has 100 miles on a charge, the bus can fit up to 81 students. The bus is even outfitted with USB charging ports and lots of other stuff. In the near future it can also supply as a power bank for schools and neighborhoods if they lose power! As for names, this buses name is Jouley, after the unit joule for electricity.



This relates to engineering with mechanical and electrical engineering. They had to determine the size of the battery and then counterbalance the weight of it. Then they had to hook it up to the engine wich is mechanical engineering.