The Self-Driving Automatic NXT Adventures: Final

By: Jasen Vu

Our group for the past couple of weeks has planned and created a drink service robot. You can find our posts about this project by searching our hashtag #AutoNXT. Recently, we have finished the development of our robot and wish to share the process we used to make it.

First, we made a plan… The plan was to create a service robot that moved around running basic drink catering actions. We had set out to find the platform on which the robot would run on, making sure it was the right system for our robot to use.

It was decided that we would use the NXT code as it was an easy to assemble and easy to manage the device. We’d discover that the NXT wasn’t so easy to use. The construction was easy, making sure that all the wires were in and the bricks were secured was harder.

The hardest part of the process was the real coding of the device, the visual coding solution was glitchy at best. We managed to get our work deleted about 3 times and have since developed a working solution.

Together, we ended up building a successful robot that ended up being very different from our original plan, but we had done it. We built a robot that could drive around and autonomously deliver drinks. We will be making the simple software used for the robot available to the public.

This is a video of us testing the robot: