The parts of a racing drone


By: Evan Eidshaug

There are many part of a racing drone, and some of them a kinda hard to understand. People who know what they are doing will sometimes abbreviate in an effort to say less words or just sound cool. Below is a list of what all the abbreviations mean. Its kinda long so here is the short version.

FPV=First Person View

ESC= Electronic Speed Control

PDB=Power Distribution Board

VTX/VRX=Video Transmitter/Video Recever

FC=Flight Controller

LiPo3S/4S=Lithium Polymer battery, Large rechargeable batteries

3S/4S=the amount of cells in the battery


Long version:

Complete Mini Quad Parts List – FPV Quadcopter Component Choice

Explaining Lipo’s:


Understanding What the drone parts a is very important. If you don’t know how they work you are gonna have a bad time. You need to understand what things are before you assemble them.