All About GTA V

This is promo picture of the Turismo R and a motorcycle on top of it

This is promo picture of the Turismo R and a motorcycle on top of it

By: Christian Rivera, Journalist

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in the world. More and more people are playing it everyday. I think it is getting more popular because people can be creative like buying cars and customizing them and there are also mini games you can have fun with your friends and also make money.

My favorite part about the game is doing heist and you can get a lot of money and have so much fun with your friends. Everybody has to do there part if you want to pass the heist. GTA also has a casino were you can play the mini games and you can spin a wheel to win a vehicle. They put a different vehicle every week and you can only get one spin every day.

And I gotta say you have to get really lucky to get a car and there are other prizes in the wheel like money, RP,clothes,casino chips,discounts,mystery. You can get money from missions. Doing the challenges in the online sessions, selling cargo’s or sometimes when rock star is feeling generous they give out free money. They gave out 2,000,000 for FREE that is the most amount of money they gave out to the community. GTA is overall a good game and it goes for 30.00$ at stores like Walmart target micro center and other places.


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