Do-It-Yourself Solar Panel Phone Charger


Do u ever have a dead phone but with no output near you? Well now you can always have a working phone with a do it yourself solar panel phone charger. You will just need AA batteries, fast switching signal diodes, a USB charging circuit, a 6 volt 200 maH solar cell, and a AA battery holder with at least 4 battery slots.

Here are the steps on building a solar panel phone charger:

  1. Wire up solar cell by connecting the red diode side to the positive tab and wire up the black diode side to the negative tab.
  2. Tape up the diodes to there respective tabs.
  3. Connect the wires together and connect it to the battery holder wires.
  4. Connect the wires that you did with the battery holder with the USB charging circuit. Connect the red wires with the positive side and connect the black wires with the negative side.
  5. Cut the holes in the case for your USB port.
  6. Finally, apply electrical tape below the USB port that should be connected to the solar panel.

There you go!

How I think this applies to the engineering world is because it includes building things and applies to research and building.