The New Era of Formula One

Formula 1 Engines will be louder, simpler, and cheaper in 2021. The 1.6 liter V-6 hybrid power units will soon rev to 18,000 revolutions per minute. 3,000 more rpm than the current models. In an attempt to attract more attention and more excitement as well as potential newcomers to this sport. Currently the engines in use are overly complex and expensive to race with. More details are coming over the next year and a half. The biggest change however is ditching the MGU-H unit, a expensive piece of equipment that recovers waste energy form the turbocharger and then sends it as a boosted output. This will hopefully be replaced with a MGU-K, which transfers energy that is shed in their braking process, and can be transferred to other power units.

This relates to the engineering process, because Formula has Brainstormed a prototype and will test it and make corrections accordingly to increase tlelevision viewers and bring in newcomers to this thrilling sport.