Balsa Wood

You can make miniature bridge out of Balsa wood from the Ochroma Tree. Balsa wood is a light weight wood. You can find then at some stores in very light sticks. These sticks are fragile when handled roughly one stick at a time, but if you build with them all together, its more durable then you think! But its not only bridges, you can make props, baskets, Dollhouses, and much more! Glue is probably the best thing to hold Balsa wood together, because the stick might be very thin in some stores. Balsa is probably the best type of wood to make a model of something that needs to be built, like statues, buildings, and even Model planes. The reason of why balsa wood is pretty useful is how light it is. If someone messes up, it wouldn’t be hard to take it down. Balsa wood has Infinite possibilities and they all lie in your mind. This relates to engineering because Balsa wood is the primary building tool for many small scale projects.