How to 3D Print A Fidget Spinner


To make this epic fidget spinner, the materials you will need are 1 or 3 608zz bearing (bore diameter 8 mm, outside diameter 22 mm, width 7 mm), PLA fillament, WD-40, and a jar or oil resistant container.

The tools you will need are a computer with OpenSCAD (if you want to change design), printer host and slicer software and a 3D Printer.

The bearings, especially brand new ones come with a really thick grease. This grease works great when the bearing has a heavy load on it, like a person standing on a skateboard. However, it does not work very well with something light like a spinner. The author tried Dawn dish soap and hot water, but soap and water requires a lot of mechanical work using a toothbrush and also a lot of hot water. The author suggested that the best solution to dissolve the grease is with WD-40.

Next, you need to print the file. Choose which one you want to make depending on how many bearing you want to use. If you are using three bearings then the infill can be 15%-20%. If only using the 1 bearing design the infill should be 40% to give the spinner more mass.

To choose which file you would like, visit this website:

Once the website loads, scroll down. Files should be attached and you should be eligible to download the files.

The last step is to add bearing(s),spin and enjoy!!


For another way on how to 3D print a fidget spinner click the link to this video.