Project Update: Day 12 #RacingDrone


By: Jonah Goldfarb

Recently, we have run into a problem with the programming of the drone. We have been using Betaflight in order to install software for the drone, but can’t quite get Betaflight to connect to the board. We are going to try Cleanflight as an alternative. They are both very similar and serve the same purpose. This is fine, however, because our problem stems from the old guide and outdated software. This means that we have to use different guides and learn what we need to do along the way.

We have spent the last two or three classes connecting the drone to the computer and the controller. Our first priority is the ability to use Cleanflight for all the software we need. After that, we need to connect it to the controller. Once all of that is done and we get our firmware, the only step left is to add the top of the drone and make it look nice. Then we can fly the drone!

This is the hardest part of the project. We have to figure out how to make everything work using the materials provided. We are getting better at using this software. It is daunting at first, but we are learning quickly. As we do this more, we are feeling more confident in our skills and how we can make the drone work in the best way possible.