BMW’s iVision Dynamics – BMW’s New Electric Car


Above is a picture of BMW’s new car, the iVision Dynamics, also know as the i5. This car is downright amazing. It’s electrically powered, just like the Tesla, and can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. The i5 is a direct competition to Tesla, which has dominated the electric car industry for many years now. This car has sensors in the front, which is guarded by the blue cage on the car.  The i5 has LED’s as its headlights which is effective.

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This story relates to engineering because BMW had to make a car that would outweigh Tesla. Also, it needed to make a design that would look appealing and still be strong. The design still needs to be perfected and needs to be sent out for production. This super-car, by BMW, is incredible and has gotten a ton of work put into it.

Here is a video about this car: