Best one liners for siri!


The Best Ways To Talk To Siri!

A very cool feature that you could do when you get an iPhone is setting up hey siri. Hey Siri is an easier way to use Siri. By just saying Hey Siri, Siri will open up and you don’t even need to hold the home button. Words to say to siri would be provided in the list below.


1.”Hey siri, set a timer for 10 minutes.”

2.”Hey siri, what is the closest grocery store.”

3.”Hey siri, what is my location.”

4.”Hey siri, whats the weather today.”

6.”Hey siri, take me to photos.”

7.”Hey siri,take me to Instagram.”

8.” Hey Siri, did you fall from heaven cause you’re an angel.”

9.”Hey Siri, did we skip number five?”


For more Siri Lines watch this video: