At Home Propeller Car


The propeller car is made at home with a few house hold items. This car is a fun projects for kids of all ages. The car has a few things that might be a little dangerous for younger kids but for the most part, Its pretty safe.

Materials :

  1. a plastic container
  2. four bottle lids
  3. 2 straws
  4. 2 skewers
  5. 1 Popsicle stick
  6. propeller
  7. 2 AAA battery holders
  8. 2 AAA batteries
  9. 1.5-3 V DC motor
  10. switch
  11. short piece of wire

links : propeller

AAA battery holdr http://: U/researchpcom-20

1.5-3 V DC motor:


Youtube video:




1.) “First, cut the two straws so that you can attach the wheels to the bottom of the container. The length should be a little bit more than the length of the bottom of the container plus the width of the 2 wheels as shown. If you cut the straws too short, then the wheels might hit the container which is not a major problem”

2.)” Hot glue the straws onto the bottom of the container.”

3.)”Cut the skewers so that that they are slightly longer than the straws.”

4.)”Hot glue a “wheel” onto one end of each skewer.”

5.) “Thread the wheel plus skewer through the straws.”

6.)”Hot glue the other wheel onto each skewer.”

7.)”If needed, glue a Popsicle stick or something flat onto the lid of the container to create a flat surface on which to mount the motor.”

8.)”Next attach a lead from the battery pack to the switch. Ideally, the lead would be soldered to make a more permanent connection, but since I don’t want my kids around soldering irons at the moment, we just used needle-nosed pliers to wrap the wire around the post on the switch. ”

9.)”Attach the other lead from the battery pack to the motor.”

10.)”Next, you need to make a little jumper wire to connect the switch to the motor and complete the circuit. Cut a piece of wire from your spool and strip off the ends using the wire strippers as shown. Depending on what type of wire strippers you have, you might need to adjust the screw on your wire strippers so that when they are closed, the hole is about the size of the internal wire.”

11.)”Connect the short wire to the motor and switch making a triangle with your 3 components (battery, switch, motor.”

12.)”Next push the propeller onto the motor shaft. Mine press fit snugly together, but if not, you can add a little hot glue. Just make sure not to get glue near where the shaft connect to the motor.

13.)”Glue the motor onto the top of the car, making sure not to cover any vents on the motor. You can also glue the switch and battery pack down, but it’s not really necessary.”

That is how you can create your own propeller car!