Samsung Vs iPhone


Which is better Samsung or iPhone?

Today you will be learning which phone is durable, and faster.


Samsung is known for its beautiful designs and its water resistance and also how its waterproof. Samsung has been doing great every year.When  they release a new device everyone gets excited because Samsung never let there users down. But apple on the other hand has also been doing fantastic because they have been always adding new features to there iphone like touch id, taking out the headphone jack,moving the power button to the side, and a lot more!


Samsung has released a new phone the Samsung galaxy s8. It has no home button at all and it also has face id. Apple is releasing the iPhone X which is going to come out very soon. It also has the same features as the galaxy s8, because it also has no home button, and also has face id. Both of these brands have removed the headphone jack so your going to have to have wireless headphones or hope that they will include headphones that will work on the device.


Now were going to be seeing which is more durable iPhone or Samsung. The galaxy s8 has stronger glass in the front and back. iPhone isn’t really  doing that well as you can see in the video because the back glass is coming into pieces.


Thank you for reading my article on iPhone vs Samsung for more information watch the video that i have provided!