Pollution: The Discreet Killer


Source: World Wildlife Fund

By: David Truong

Pollution, whether it’s water, air, or soil, is responsible for one-sixth of premature deaths across the world. This number is concentrated among the poorest people and the most polluted countries like India and China. Pollution doesn’t just kill humans, it also causes great environmental damage that is costing trillions worldwide. For more information go here.


If the world’s economy is suffering from pollution and environmental strain, then we cannot focus our resources on scientific advancement, hindering our ability to engineer. Fortunately, engineering is also the solution to this problem. In order to deal with the pollution we must engineer multiple things to reduce and eliminate all of this pollution. Many engineers are already dedicated to reducing pollution and improving the environment with their inventions such as machines that can purify water or air, and other machines that can harness clean, renewable energy . We should follow in their footsteps to eliminate this rising killer.