Lifehacks for your iphone!


Today, I will be showing you 6 life hacks on your iPhone!

1.  A way to charge your phone faster is to turn on airplane mode which closes the wife and your cellular data. To do that you go to the control center on your iPhone and you select the airplane mode once you turn that on put your phone in the charger and watch how fast your phone will charge.

2. A way to also capture pictures is by holding the volume down or up button to take a photo so when that your taking a selfie with someone it could be easier and not hard at all.

3. Also when your iPhone crashes and you cant turn it off or on and you cant do anything don’t wait. Its very simple by holding the home button and the power button your iPhone will had reset itself.

4. if you flip the screen while your in the calculator app it will turn the calculator into a scientific calculator which is pretty cool for a phone

5. If you type a word that’s an emoji on the iPhone than it will show you that emoji on top of the keyboard.

6. you could pick the way you want your view on your iPhone by going to settings and than going to Display and Brightness and scroll all the way down and pick the way you want your iPhone view to be.


For more information on hacks on your iPhone visit this link