Project Update: Day 11 #RacingDrone


By: Saumya Paudel

Today we worked on replacing our PDB board, after realizing that the previous workers’ board was broken. We also tried to install our camera and figure out how to make our drone FPV(First Person View). We discovered that Velcro worked wonderfully to attach the camera to the front of the drone. Also, we found that the top shell for the drone could stabilize the camera. After more testing, we realized that the camera was not completely straight, so we had to adjust the Velcro. Finally, we straightened the camera and the camera was fully functioning.

We worked on getting our drone FPV by configuring the headset to the channel of the drone camera. After testing for about ten minutes, we figured out the right channel and could look through the camera. Everything seemed to be working, but we realized that the battery was quite low. Thus, we looked for a USB cable. We eventually found one and charged our FPV headphone battery.

This is the video that we used: