The World’s First Drone Equipped with Robotic Arms


By: Jaydon Bingham

Prodrone’s PD6B-AW-ARM drone is the first ever large-format drone equipped with two robotic arms. This new versatility could mean a drone’s job could soon extend beyond filming, surveying, and simple parcel delivery. This drone has the ability to grasp and carry differently shaped cargo using its arms. It can attach or join things, cut cables, turn dials, and flick switches. It can also do lifesaving operations such as dropping lifesaving buoys, delivering water and food, and dropping off medicine. It could also be used in situations too dangerous for humans, like to retrieve hazardous materials or do dangerous factory jobs. Drones also can do everyday things like delivering a lunchbox to school, bringing your McDonald’s, getting clothes, and buying groceries. This drone is able to perform a variety of operations at high altitudes, over long distances, and in places where it would be too dangerous for humans. These robotic arms can carry a maximum payload of approximately 10 kg (22 lbs). With a flight time of up to 30 minutes, this drone can also excel at longer tasks.

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