Low Expense DIY Speaker


This is in particular interest for college students who spend enough money on their tuition that they can’t afford the high-end expensive speakers that they would like.

Materials: These materials can be sourced from everyday items that end up in your recycling bin at home. If you recycle your materials that you already own this could cost you nothing in addition. Phone/Music Device: It’s likely that you already have one.                                                                     Paper towel roll: When you finish the roll save the center for your speaker project                             Plastic Cups: Just go to the store by a pack or recycle them                                                                       Scissors/ Knife: Used to cut the holes in the cups to insert the paper towel roll.                                           Marker: To trace the circumference of the paper towel in order for a precise cut.

Instructions: First trace the circumference of the paper towel roll and then cut on the traced line. Then, insert the paper towel roll into the cups. Finally, cut a slot in the middle of your paper towel the size of your phone. This is to hold your phone while you play music.

This is a cheap alternative to premium speakers developed by sound engineers, that you can make in four minutes yourself.


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