Portable Desk Update



For my project, I am building a portable desk with fold-out legs. The legs will fold under the desk and be covered by a flap of fabric, and after you fold them in, you can carry the desk using a handle located on one of the sides. There might also be wheels, but I have to watch the weight of the desk so that it’s easy to carry. The lid of the desk folds up to reveal a storage compartment with a built-in pouch. I’m thinking about adding a battery pack for charging devices and a light, but I haven’t completely figured it out yet.

The problem my project solves is one I have faced many times. Sometimes, you need to do homework, but you don’t have a flat surface to write on. Enter the portable desk. You can choose to keep the legs folded in if you don’t have space to fold them out, or you can fold out the legs for a stable surface to write on. It will help with doing homework in the car and provide a workspace for you no matter where you are.

My project is still in the planning stage. I am researching materials and supplies. Using this information, I am starting to plan my prototype. These actions connect to the “background research”, “specify requirements” “choose solution”, and “develop and prototype solution” steps of the engineering process.

Research on types of table legs I could use for my project
Research on average desk sizes and features
Planning the prototype and mechanisms