#VEX-NXT: Process of Building My NXT

#VEX-NXT: Process of Building  My NXT

By: Shawn Malik

We built this robot for my project. This robot is built using an NXT Kit.

How it Works:

This Robot uses 3 motors. The Motors/Sensors connect to the brick with wires.


This robot uses  large wheels for more stability. Also, It has a frame underneath to keep it stable. This robot has a small wheel in the back to help the robot with turns, so that it minimizes the friction between turns. The robot has 2 wheels on each motor instead of 1, because the large wheels are very thin, and to increase the stability of the robot, adding 2 wheels would be better. It has a “wall” in front of it so that it has protection against other robots. The robot has a wheel on the side as a counter-weight.



This robot uses 3 motors, 2 for the drivetrain, and 1 for an attachment of a fan that spins.


How this relates to Engineering:

This robot was made with parts from an NXT Kit. In order to make this robot, you had to come up with a design, plan it, prototype it, etc. Making this robot follows the engineering process.