Engineering Behind Lenovo CPlus Foldable Smartphone


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Lenovo at its Tech World 2016 event in San Francisco on Thursday revealed a host of products including the new Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones along with the first consumer-ready Project Tango Handset, the Lenovo tab 2 pros. The Chinese company also showed off some of the new innovations it is currently working on including a new flexible smartphone that can wrap around the wrist and a tablet that can be folded in half. The new prototype – C Plus smartphone and Folio tablet were revealed at the company’s event on Thursday. Image result for Lenovo CPlus

This device can be stretched around your arm, the screen will be flexible so it is not going to break when you fold it the screen will appear broken but just press it to return to normal as if nothing had happened almost like putting on a clock or bracket. The coverage will be almost 70% plastic and 30% of metal will also be invented a table to be stretched with double it will be allowed to stand on a mobile but a lack of details about this function.

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