This Worm Robot Can Help You Do Your Chores

Researchers from Switzerland have created a soft robot that looks like a worm. It can be rearranged depending on the type of job you need to get done so it is kind of like a robotic Swiss army knife. The robot is made of three pneumatic pumps to expand and collapse like human muscles do. They can attach to walls and be modified with attachments in order to carry out a variety of tasks.This Worm-Like Robot Can Scale Walls, Clean Your Windows and Feed The Dog

Source:  NCCR / EPFL

Soft robots are made of pliable materials and they usually resemble invertebrates. Unlike rigid robots, collisions with soft robots are mostly harmless, which is why soft robots are mostly used in fields like medicine, where any errors can be fatal mistakes. Making soft robots do your chores for you is safer and enables you to use less effort while doing these tasks.

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