The Engineering Behind… Jet Engines?


Jet engines, the incredible piece of engineering that is the key to aeronautic engineering. Jet engines are used in all of the most well known aircraft like the F-35 Lightning 2, F-22 Raptor, Su-47 Aeroflot, and many other war birds

Today the 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron fl...
Today the 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron flies a number of advanced aircraft, including the F-22. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jet engines were first developed in 1930 by Hans von Ohain from Germany. The first ever aircraft to use jet engines, was the first generation jet aircraft the Heinkel He 178 V1. In a jet engine, the blades spin at high speeds while compressing and squeezing the air. The compressed air is then sprayed with fuel. An electric spark then lights the fuel injected compressed air. This reaction causes the engine to give the aircraft thrust.

The fastest ever jet powered aircraft is the United States’ SR-71

Jet engines relate to aeronautic engineering. With the thrust of jet engines, it powers the aircraft for the skies.