Do you want to be the best Halloween prankster?


To be the best Halloween prankster, you’ve got to have great working gadgets.

The classic Halloween gadget is the fog machine. The fog machine works by making clouds out of a special fluid made of water and glycerin. The liquid gets pulled into the fog machine by a small pump. From there, the liquid goes over into a heat exchanges which heats the fluid up into a vapor. Fog machines usually cost about twenty to thirty dollars. The video down below shows you how to make your own fog machine.

The next gadget is a talking doll gadget. This gadget work by using sensors to know when to “talk” when people are coming, and when to stay silent. You can get these for a price of $40.00.

Last gadget is a strobe light projector. A strobe light projector is a gadget that blinks a flashing light rapidly to make everything look like it’s in slow-mo. Strobe-lighting effects can trigger a form of epilepsy (known as photo-sensitive epilepsy, PSE, or light-sensitive epilepsy) if the flash frequency is broadly in the range 16–25 flashes per second (some people experience PSE at lower or higher frequencies). Read more about photosensitive epilepsy from Epilepsy Action.


All of these gadgets use electrical engineering and can be very useful for Halloween scaring/pranking.