Robot Serves Ice Cream

Andrew Woodvine

It turns out the polar bear was actually an ice cream serving robot. It was really cool, you put £1 in the slot then a cone drops down. You put the cone in a metal ring on the right hand side and it lifts the cone upwards, fills it with ice cream and then serves it to you. It talks to you as well.

By: Evan Fisher

Robots have advanced extremely over the years, and I would hope that you know that. Today I come to you with a story about a robot, specifically a robot that serves ice cream, let me explain. There are a variety of robots, today we will be looking at the arm robot and a human looking robot. To start let’s look at the arm robot. The company is called  Robofusion.

This robot-on a daily basis serves ice cream to hungry customers. This relates to engineering because mechanical engineers had to come in and make the machine. Then software engineers came in and programmed the robot to do its job. Then most likely electrical engineers had to come in and hook it up to the circuits. Then there’s health and so on and so forth.

This next robot has a more human appearance. This is most likely to make it look more appealing to humans. This robot still performs most of the tasks of the last one. However I believe it is made by a different company. Never the less it still serves ice cream. So that is all if you want to see more you can look at the pictures below or go to the links for more.

Robots have advanced extremely over the years as I have said. I am exited for the new generation of robots. What do you think this new age of tech will bring? Let’s hope it’s good. Thank you for reading this post.