A New Generation Kitchen Appliance



By: Sylvie Lister

Coming in 2017, The Foodini, is a 3D printer that can print food. Combines technology with art, design, and food. Foodini creates both savory and sweet cuisine beneath your finger tips. Foodini is created by real food prepared especially to be printed.

Here’s a quick video to introduce the reason it was invented;


Foodini was invented for one main idea that people of all ages aren’t getting enough fresh, local, non GMO food. Many of us go to processed food that has artificial colors and preservatives that’s unhealthy for our bodies. Foodini makes it possible to create healthy and quick snacks. You can make the ingredients by hand using a food processor or blender. Or it can be ordered at Natural Machines that is premade for you with fresh ingredients.

Foodini, created by Natural Machines, is related to engineering because it had to be invented with STEM and had to be indicated,  with prier knowledge to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, and how the 3D printing worked.