Genetic Fortune Telling

By: Margaret Doan


In the future, DNA Reports will be given to babies at birth. The reports are predictions, telling about the babies’ future such as getting cancer, diseases, your IQ, or even smarter than an average person. Scientists have found out that diseases and behavior traits are usually found in genes. As the DNA reports will provide probabilities as it could benefit the medicine being created. As from detecting diseases, the DNA reports will predict traits of the person. From the studies of genetics, scientists are creating ‘polygenic risk scores’. Therefore, it can be bad and good from using DNA reports since sometimes it can be inaccurate. From scientists using the DNA Reports, public health can advance from these. DNA reports are the future to figuring out what kids will be like when they are born.


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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because scientists have to create DNA report to give predictions for the patient. Therefore, there are mistakes during this process to create those reports. Scientists have to fix the problems by thinking of solutions. They have to plan and provide ideas to create the DNA report. Lastly, scientists worked together to make the reports.