STX 10 Degree

STX 10 Degree

By: Isabella DeStacy, Journalist

The STX 10 degree is supposed to help the stick’s performance and give the player more versatility, but what exactly does it do?

The STX lacrosse company came out with three new sticks the crux 500, exult 500, and the fortress 600. These are all really good sticks, and they all came out with this new 10-degree technology to help the player. This technology is supposed to help drive the ball to the sweet spot to give a faster release. The secret to this is the 10-degree tilt at the top of the shaft and 10-degree tilt where the shaft and the head stick together.

I currently have the STX exult 500, and I definitely felt a difference compared to my old stick, the crux 300. I definitely felt more control of the ball and the faster release, and it didn’t take long before I got used to it.

The new shape, style, and technology definitely give these three sticks more control of the ball and give a faster release. If you get one of these sticks, you will have to have both the shaft and the head with a 10-degree technology. I’m glad that STX engineered a new technology that works and how these lacrosse sticks were engineered to be better in the game and give the player a stick that does what the player needs, and it definitely shows.


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