How To Make a Segway

English: Segway tour at Washington, D.C. (Penn...
English: Segway tour at Washington, D.C. (Pennsylvania Ave & 7th) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The tools you will need to build this segway are:

Wood saw, hack saw, drill, drill bits, hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, wire strippers, soldering iron, files, metal punch

These are the mechanical plans that the writer used:

Plans and Dimensions


This is the electrical wiring schematic:

Electrical Schematics

Here are the segways features:

  • Easy to build with no welding, no complicated steering linkage and minimal soldering.
  • Uses a readily available $3¬†digital¬†MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro IMU board.
  • Total parts cost is under $400 (including shipping). A real Segway is $5000!
  • No salvage, dumpster diving or Craigslist parts.
  • A detailed parts list and ALL purchasable sources are included.
  • Well documented with over 50 minutes of HD how-to video, pictures and a detailed plan.
  • Uses the very common Arduino UNO processor board.
  • All Arduino processor code is included. NO additional Arduino libraries need to be installed.

It involves:

  • wood working
  • metal working
  • plumbing techniques
  • wiring from schematics
  • micro controller (Arduino) C like coding
  • accelerometer/gyro basics

There are many steps in this process for building the segway. Yet, it is definitely worth it! There are approximately 36 steps!

For more information on building this segway, visit: